7 Tips To Start A Podcast

Thinking of starting a podcast? 

There are a few things to consider before you do.⠀


Will it be an interview style podcast? 
Will you host and narrate it? 
How long do you want each episode to run for? 
How many episodes in a season? 
How often are you releasing episodes (weekly, 3 times a week, daily?) 

Once you know these things, you can start a content planning calendar. Work out how long it takes to research, write, record, edit, produce and upload each episode and allocate enough time to make this work. Can you batch any of this? Work out what is really achievable and go from there.⠀


Funnily enough, naming your podcast can be one of the trickier things in the process! 

Have a big brainstorm and look at what other people have named theirs. It’s important for it to be catchy but not too cryptic that when people are trying to find a new podcast, they don’t know what it’s about.⠀


Sit down and write out lists of topics, guests, research ideas and questions. A good way to go about this, is write a list of FAQ’s you receive in your business and answer them!


If you’re having guests – how will they be recorded?
Research the best ways to get high quality sound from your podcast. Nothing sounds worse than sounding like you’re in a bathroom! If it is just you, invest in a good microphone. There are a few on the market catering to podcasts, and they don’t need to be too expensive.
It’s important to record in “dead” space. Somewhere there is no echo, like large open kitchens, lounge rooms, offices. To get the best sound quality you’re going to want a small space, preferably one that has some sort of sound proofing. If this isn’t an option – a walk in wardrobe is always a good one, or on the bed with a doona over your head!


Are you going to batch this, or will it be done each week, day, month?
Invest in some good quality editing software or outsource it. Lots of people use Garageband (Mac) Adobe Audition or Audacity (both PC and Mac) If the thought of editing your podcasts fills you with fear and dread there are plenty of people you can outsource this to (me included. Click here to find out more!)   ⠀


What will your podcast look like?
What sort of recorded intro and outro do you want?
Will it have music in it?

Nailing the tone and brand identity of you podcast is important. Too often I’ve heard podcast intros that are so different from the actual podcast it’s like you’re listening to two seperate things! Make sure everything is aligned. If you are having a recorded intro and outro you need to source some licence free music to use for this, and invest in a voice over artist and sound producer to do this for you. As for graphics, make sure it’s readable on a small screen. Keep it simple, and visually appealing. Make sure it’s on brand for your business and recognisable.


Research the best ways to host and get your podcast heard by as many people as possible utilising all the current podcast platforms. There are many options for hosting, some free and some not. Decide what you think is worthwhile. Anchor, Whooskaa, Omny, Buzzsprout and Podbean are just a few you can look in to.
Podcasts can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of hard work!
By setting yourself up correctly before plunging in you’re more likely to enjoy the process and stick with it.
If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, I’m more than happy to have a chat with you about the process. I’ve worked in audio for over 20 years, so can answer any questions you might have! Just send me a DM or head over to my website to find out more about my podcast creation service.⠀


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